On you will find some self Development Open-Source Software .

25. August 2016 "Update BleyBleyLauncher 0.6"

So today I update the BleyBley Launcher to the version 0.6!

Now you can enable/disable cheats simple.

So before i add Mods support i will a .7 with some little new feature like a status support.


Lager-raspy is a storage system primary used for Rasperri Py

but its works on any Linux based system where Ruby is installed.

Actually its in the vers 0.2 so its will not work right but i will release the 0.5 soon!

4.7.2016 "First Launsch of!"

Today I Launch the first time here I will bring News around my new Software and more. Also you can here download the Bley Bley Launcher. Maybe you want to contact me if TRUE then send me a Email or play with me on Steam all infos for contact me will find you here Contact